Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cebu vacation

It was indicated on my first blog the things that I want to do here in Cebu. I also promised to update you. So here it is! J

A.)   Read a book. (/)
I’m actually not a fan of reading books. I usually get bored/fall asleep while reading. So this is the only time that I got hooked with a book. And it’s the Hunger Games!! 

B.) Spend time with Annie and Wuns’ family. (/)\
I did it!! Yay!! Most of the time, we go to the mall, eat out, we even went to the beach to spend time together!! J
hi Wuns! :)

C.)   Blog (x)
I was not able to update often but atleast I started somewhere and now, update it! J

D.)   Go to the beach. (/)
Actually we did go to the beach twice!! Yey!! We went to Mactan Shangri-la to visit Annie’s friend, Tiffany J we also went to Movenpick for a family bonding!! J I was with Annie and Wuns’  family!! <3

Me and my nephew Andre!! :)


again! :)

Me with the sand castle

Stolen :D

I love to swim!

on our way home

on our way to Mactan shangri-la :)


Playing with sand :D

See you on my next blog! :D